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The rapid developments in our era cause even giant companies in different sectors to question ”what they can and can do” and more importantly “the past and the future”. Especially, in spite of the material and spiritual problems experienced by our country in recent years, it is our duty to be like every Turkish company that has adopted the motto of being a native and a national; Being aware of our responsibility and our efforts using all our new and large country Turkey is advancing rapidly towards becoming our contemporary civilization level to meet the expectations of the age to remove the top.

In this context, our main objective will be to carry the dignity brought to us by our rightful position in the construction sector to new business areas and to add more labor to the national economy by generating new added value. The discipline, knowledge and experience gained by us through more than 40 years of intensive work; We believe that we will achieve greater success in the coming period by combining today’s technology, our potential human resources and contemporary management principles.


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21 Buildings, 42 Villas - Kargıcak / Alanya

Avocado Vıllage

AVOCADO VILLAGE is a complex of villas of the construction company TOROS RESIDENCE located in an ecologically clean area Kargicak  with a varied infrastructure and 4 km to the sea. A wonderful  view of the evergreen mountains, coniferous forests and banana plantations from the window.

  • Each villa has its own garden 300-450 sq.m. with avocado trees, orange, lemon and bananas.
  • 3 + 1 villa 3rd floor is open terrace, total area of 220sq.m.
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Fitness room, Sauna, Steam room, Kids play area, Billiard, table tennis, Rest area and barbecue
  • Open terrace with a nature view
  • Smart home system
Toros Resıdence Construction Company

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